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Welcome to our interactive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s).

Use the topics listed at the side of this page to find the answer you require.



Where can I find details of supported accommodation in Mendip?

The Supported Housing Directory has details of advice providers, tenancy support providers, and housing providers according to need. Contact details and the remits of the various schemes are included.

Download a copy here

I’m at work / school / college / training all day, when could I see someone?

Although our non-residential support schemes only operate Monday to Friday and generally from 9 to 5, we can usually find a way of meeting up with you. For example ,we can meet up where you work (or nearby) during a break, or when you have some free time at college.  If necessary we would arrange to meet you earlier than 9.00am or after 5.00pm.  However, we would advise that some of the agencies you are likely to need to contact work “office hours.”


Where else can I get help or advice with my housing problem?

Try SHELTER – follow this link for contact details – SHELTER Taunton.

Mendip District Council will also be able to give you housing advice; you can phone on 01749 648999, orvisit their website

Citizens Advice Bureaux may also help – try the website for housing advice – or visit our referral agents  page for opening times for your town.


Will I have to live in Spencer House or Frome Foyer?

No, Spencer House and Frome Foyer are just two of the five supported housing projects for young people in Mendip. You may want to consider applying to live in them if you need supported housing, but not all young people need, or are able to live in, supported housing.

If YMCA Mendip is working with you to help you find somewhere to live then we will help you look at what type of housing best suits your needs.


I only want to talk to someone if you can guarantee it will be confidential – is that ok?

Yes – and no!!

Generally everything you share with YMCA Mendip will remain confidential unless you give us permission to speak to others about things.

Sometimes in very particular circumstances we have to speak to others about things you may have told us, for example if a person under 18 is at risk, or if you are endangering your life or some one else’s life.

See our confidentiality leaflet for more details.

What should I bring with me if I’m homeless?

Having some form of identification is very useful for support workers, this could be anything with your national insurance number on, a bill, bank statement as well as photo ID such as a provisional/driving licence, citizencard or passport. In addition, having a contact number we can get hold of you on is very helpful!