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Go-Brik Worldwide Mission

30th March 2019

Our Youth Clubs have been looking at saving our environment over the last month. A new worldwide ecological initiative ‘Go-Brik’ is growing in popularity and our young people who attend the YMCA Youth Clubs in Street and Glastonbury wanted to try it out for themselves.

What is an Eco-Brik? Gather a plastic bottle and all the plastic rubbish that can’t be recycled, then grab a stick! Cut all the non-recyclable plastic into small pieces and fill the bottle, with the help of the stick!
Once you have enough bottles, you can make a piece of furniture like a table. No limit to creativity!

We would like to invite any eco-brick novice to have a go! You will be surprised at how much rubbish you can fit into just one bottle, and how addictive it becomes.

An exciting part of the project is that you can take part in this great worldwide initiative, recording your Eco bricks on . You will receive a serial number for your Eco-Brik and it will be added to the Eco-Brik world list.

“ This is a good way to not only help my environment but also to zone out, it helps with stress too” Grace, from Windmill Hill Youth Club