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Housing for local young people more secure after YMCA achieves new status

23rd March 2018

Housing for young people in the local area received a boost this week when YMCA Mendip learnt it had been awarded Registered Provider status by Homes England (the former Homes and Communities Agency).

Registered Provider status means that the YMCA will not only be able to continue to maintain the over 100 bed spaces it already provides for young people, but will also mean it will be easier for this provision and support to grow in the future.

Karen Deverell, Chief Executive of YMCA Mendip, explains “… We are delighted by this news, particularly as the process for achieving Registered Provider status is both long and complex. This achievement means that YMCA Mendip can now look to develop more housing for young people and acquire existing homes for those struggling to access housing markets. This is so important as we know how difficult it is for young people on low incomes in the area who are unable to get onto the housing ladder and struggle to afford the cost of market rents. Registered Provider status opens up so many options and opportunities for YMCA Mendip to develop this sustainable housing moving forward – something which without the status could not have achieved without significant reliance on other housing providers.”

“This is an uncertain time for our sector with Government proposals around the future funding of supported housing still not clear. However, amid this uncertainty the achievement of Registered Provider status will help gives new focus to the housing, youth and community work that YMCA Mendip has been providing in the local area for over 125 years”.