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New ‘Path to Independence HUB’ in South Somerset

19th December 2018

A new service, the P2i (Pathway to Independence) Hub in South Somerset is now situated at Christopher House, a YMCA Mendip & South Somerset housing project in Yeovil.

Under the new Homeless Reduction Act 2017, South Somerset District Council have delegated the responsibility of assessments to YMCA South Somerset for 16-25 year olds who present as homeless, or are at risk of homelessness. Our Emergency Host Family Coordinator Hannah Whitlock carries out the support and housing assessments and also advocates for young people facing difficulties with housing, which in turn ensures the correct support is offered.

In November, 23 referrals were made to the hub and of these, 17 young people completed assessments. 9 were 18-21 years of age and 8 were 21-25 years of age. 11 of these young people were deemed to be eligible for P2i accommodation and 6 of these 11 were subsequently housed in service.

If you need to contact the P2I Hub, please call: 07523 645437