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Sleep Easy 2019

30th March 2019

YMCA Mendip & South Somerset called on its community to come together for one night as part of the national YMCA Sleep Easy Week.

For our community, it took place at Frome Youth & Community Centre (FYCC) on the heavy rainy Saturday 16th March, from 7 pm until 7 am the following day.

The aim was simple: Sleeping rough so others don’t have to.
We challenged our self, family, friends and work colleagues to sleep rough for one night and raise money to help change the lives of vulnerable young people.

Last year, a young person was made homeless every hour in England; and hundreds of young people spent at least one night on the streets.
For every rough sleeper in our community, there are dozens more who are sleeping on a friend’s sofa, in a car, or on the move night after night.
Most of the young people experiencing homelessness believe the public doesn’t care about them. We showed them that it is not true!

We are so grateful to all our amazing attendees and their supporters to come along Sleep Easy in Frome.
We raised not only awareness for vulnerable people in our community but also vital funds that will go directly to them through our services! We raised a total of £1,936.49 more other donations coming by the end of the month.

Honestly, we had fun, we built our ‘cardboard properties’ inside of YMCA Frome Youth and Community Centre and only after that we moved them outside under the heavy rain but still inside a protected area. Many lovely people donated food and warm drinks and on top of that, we knew that it was only for one night and then our families will have welcomed with their love again in a safe home.


How many vulnerable people sleep rough without hope, good friends, warm food/drink welcoming family and a safe environment?

You and YMCA Mendip & South Somerset are here, to prevent it thanks to YMCA Drop-in Centre and Youth Clubs. You are also here to support them taking vulnerable people out from the street/cars/sofa surfing offering Housing services. You are our side when we help them to build a new thriving future with new skills and warm welcoming through our YMCA Mendip & South Somerset staff.

1,936.49 times thanks for make it possible with your donations!