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We are at your side when you need it the most – Youth Clubs

28th June 2019

A great story of support sent by our South Somerset Youth Work Team Leader, Hannah Janulewicz:

One of the young people has recently been through a bereavement in the family, we have supported her to talk about it in a safe group space with a youth worker and close friend. We have let her know to ask if she needs extra support and about specialist services if she needs them. She explains it has been really helpful to talk to youth workers. “The youth workers are friendly and easy to talk to and help you express things that you don’t want to talk about. . I feel safe in youth club to talk to friends and youth workers.”

It has really helped her to be in a group of people she trusts and she has become actively involved in all activities. I have witnessed a lot of peer support and the young people really being there for her as well as the youth workers

“The youth club has helped me gain confidence in singing as I have been singing in front of the group it has brought me closer to my friends. I have been involved in the steering group which has made me feel confident in making decisions. I am involved in organising a talent show bringing families together in the local community, it makes me feel happy as will make others happy to watch. I lead a dance class for the rest of the group it was hard work and before I was nervous, after I felt better as I taught some more killer moves. I felt proud and it has really helped me. In my future I would like to get an A star in music and drama to go to university to study drama and music. I would recommend the youth club to others because it helps you spend time with friends you can meet new people it is a place to have fun and learn new things.”

Photograph – Ben White