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Frome Foyer – Routes  Drop In and Youth Café

What is Routes?

Are you a young person looking for somewhere to go or need someone to turn to? – Routes is the place for you.

We offer all the help, info and advice you need on housing, jobs, health and relationships. We can help you with volunteering opportunities, developing new skills and gaining qualifications. With a friendly youth café and activities feel free to drop-in anytime.

Opening hours are Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm!

If you would like to talk to someone who won’t judge you, and that you can trust about your situation then drop in and see us.  Young people come to talk to us about a massive range of things, some of the recent things we’ve helped people with are:

  • Health – My friend pierced my lip and I’m worried it’s infected.
  • Money – I owe money to drug dealers and I don’t know how to sort it.
  • Police – I got a cannabis warning a while ago, and now I’ve been caught again with class A’s. Am I going to prison?
  • Mental health – I think I’m hearing voices, they’re telling me to hurt myself.
  • Housing – I’m homeless, my parents won’t have me back, and I haven’t got anyone to stay with.
  • Sexual health – I slept with someone last weekend and I’m worried I might have caught something as we didn’t use a condom.
  • Childrens Social Care – I’ve been told I can become a child in need, what does this mean?
  • Substance misuse – My parents are threatening to kick me out because I smoke weed, but I don’t think I can manage without it.
  • Education – I didn’t get any qualifications in college and now I can’t get a job without them.
  • Jobs – I have no idea how to get through a job interview, what will they ask me? What should I say?

If we can’t help then we have great relationships with a wide range of specialist services who can often see you in Routes. Don’t forget, that as long as we don’t think you or anyone else is at risk of harm, then whatever you come into Routes with is confidential – we won’t tell anyone about it without your consent.